One day while eating Sushi Nine and Trader Joe’s fall themes cookies, my best friend and I (Ella Rockwell) thought it would be fun to record ourselves having a more than average conversation about ourselves — and we loved it! After 30 minutes of mundane conversation, we thought about how fun it would be to start our own podcast.

Do we have any idea what were doing? Absolutely not. Do we have a business plan? No way. Are we doing this for any other reason than to hear ourselves talk and hang out? No, not any I can think of…

If you’re interested in health and wellness, bettering your relationships, navigating college life, starting your spiritual journey and/or getting over your gym fears? Well, us too! Follow us along as we attempt to figure out our lives while bettering those around us.

Welcome to “Mundane Moments w/ Aggie and Ella”

Link to Listen: