Are you looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of life, while simultaneously rewarding your body through thoughtful movements? Of course you are–that’s why you need to check out 110 Yoga in Raleigh NC. 

Not only is this studio in the heart of “Oak City,” but it neighbors affordable parking with easy access and security, that way you don’t have to worry about circling downtown Raleigh searching for a parking space before your class. There’s nothing worse than pre-stressing over an activity that’s meant to relieve stress. Oh, the irony.

When I first walked into 110 Yoga, I was welcomed with warm smiles, and tail-wagging dogs. Yes, I said dogs. Not only did the owner have furry friends, but she also carries edgy workout attire at affordable prices.

Once inside and checked in, my friend and I headed upstairs to their changing room, which includes dozens of mirrors for those post-workout pictures that are a must for the Instagram story. After storing our shoes, tops, and phones in one of the many cubbies, we headed inside the “Hot Room” for our 50 minute workout. 

The lights are off, the music is on, and the vibes are immaculate. I have never experienced such a hip yoga studio. Not only did our instructor, Heidi Hendrix, have an amazing playlist (Billie Eilish, Glass Animals, alt-J, etc.), but she incorporated aesthetic lighting for a youthful take to yoga. You can find similar light products on Amazon under “starlight projectors.”

Although we were not treated to a cool lavender scented towel prior to Savashanna, I can only assume it’s for safety precautions related to Covid19. Overall, the workout lasted around 45 minutes, and I burned close to 300 calories while also detoxing my body and treating it to a deep (very much needed) stretch. 

Every week 110 Yoga offers free classes, and not just for first-time customers. Be sure to check out their website and schedule for exclusive offers and opportunities free of charge. But be warned, once you experience the atmosphere of 110 Yoga, you’ll want to join their community and attend classes multiple times throughout the week as one of  their regulars. See you there!