Most social media influencers portray traveling as a stress-free event that falls into their laps. However, as an average American I can personally say that is not the case. As my friends and I plan our trip to Barcelona Spain for the summer of 2022, we are learning about the real-life struggled correlated with traveling — especially with Covid19 still impacting lives across the World. Preparing for our trip to Spain was a tedious, details and well thought out process that benefited us in multiple ways (before, during and after our trip).

Dates, flights, location, transportation, cost, college credits and a job? Maybe you’re the type of person who stays calm in high-stress situations, but as you will learn — I am not, just looking at this list still stresses me out. Where do I begin?

Communication —

Writing it all down —

Contacting who we know —

Contacting who we need —

Saving/Raising money —

Mentally preparing for change —

Embracing the change — (the hardest but most exciting step of this process)